BMW Case Management is Back!

BMW Case Management is an independent company that is contracted by chiropractors specific in TN and FL to manage their personal injury cases outside of their office. In 2018 we will be expanding to other states in the USA.

We verify all insurance, bill med-pay, file necessary liens, collect from all parties and we work directly with third party adjusters and legal counsel to help settle your patients claim and get you PAID!

Allow us to handle your personal injury case load so you the doctor can focus on treating your patients. This is a demanding and timely job that requires knowledge of auto insurance, TN statutes, and how it all effects the injured party, your patient, their treatment, their settlement and your bill being paid in full . Here at BMW Case Management, we are knowledgeable and can handle this quickly and effectively for you. This will allow you and your staff to focus on patients, front desk, back office and daily operations. Let it be our job to make sure you get payment for services rendered.

Will your liens guarantee you Payment?

Did you know that some carriers will not HONOR CHIROPRACTOR'S LIENS! They will include your bills in the total settlement that is paid to their insured directly and will tell you to take it up with your patient. Are you confident that you will be paid once the check is cashed? We all know that a few will pay you but many will not. Those few could amount to thousands of dollars. We can make sure you get paid directly!